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New mango flavor available on Kickstarter

by Michael Rosenzweig 12 Apr 2023

We are excited to announce that we have a new product coming out, Mango Konjac Chews, and we are turning to the Kickstarter community once again for support with this launch. Our company launched on Kickstarter approximately one year ago. After conducting a survey among our previous backers, we discovered that mango was the most highly requested flavor for our next product release. As a result, we've crafted a delicious and healthful snack made with Alphonso mango and Japanese konjac, and our campaign is now live.

What are Mango Konjac Chews?

Mango Konjac Chews is the name of our new mango-flavored konjac jelly snack. Our Konjac Chews are small but satisfying jelly treats that are slightly chewy and bursting with sweet and refreshing Alphonso mango flavor.

These konjac jelly snacks can be enjoyed anytime during the day, but are typically enjoyed as a dessert substitute, a treat during study/work breaks, or as an add-on at breakfast.

The jellies get their chewy texture from konjac, a vegetable grown in Japan that is a good source of dietary fiber. Konjac is used as a plant-based gelatin substitute. So, konjac jellies are a good alternative for snackers following a vegan/vegetarian, keto or a low-calorie diet.

Alphonso mango is the standout ingredient in our Mango Konjac Chews. For those unfamiliar with Alphonso mango, it is a mango varietal that grows in India and it is praised for its flavor. Combined with konjac, these jellies are a satisfying, sweet treat.

Why support?

Backers to our Kickstarter campaign will get first access to our new mango flavor at a discounted price. All backers will also get a card from Jelly Man Gogh, our mango flavor mascot and (fictional) grandfather of our main mascot Jella, who graces our product packaging.

In addition, we have merchandise available for sale that you can add-on to any pledge level.

Both items feature Jella surfing a wave, which is an image we had created by artist Jun Yang for our first Kickstarter campaign. Another exclusive Kickstarter reward we offer is a 12" x 18" painting of Jella Man Gogh by artist Shrey Purohit.  This reward is limited to up to three backers. Jella Man Gogh is sure to make a good impression on any wall!

Jella Man Gogh painting

What are you waiting for?!? Join the fun and support our Kickstarter campaign today!

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