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Looking for ways to creatively use konjac jelly? Try these recipes!

by Michael Rosenzweig 07 Apr 2023

Just like there are different varieties of konjac jelly products - plain konjac jelly, fruit-flavored konjac jelly, jelly with added ingredients like chia seeds - so too can konjac jelly be used as a versatile ingredient in different savory and sweet dishes. If you have ever wondered "What do I put konjac jelly in," this post is for you!

While there are many savory usages for konjac jelly, the Pac Pac Snacks teams likes to eat konjac jelly as a sweet morning pick-me-up or as a light dessert substitute. So, we thought it would be fun to come up with recipes that showcase how konjac jelly can be used as an ingredient in other delectable sweet treats (okay, maybe sushi isn't normally considered a dessert food, but can you not imagine how it could be a dessert with konjac jelly and sweet rice!).

If you are looking for ways to use konjac jelly in fun, simple and creative recipes, look no further! We've compiled some of our favorite easy-to-make konjac jelly dessert ideas into simple to follow videos below.

Konjac Jelly Recipe Videos

1. Easy mochi recipe

2. Matcha jelly affogato

3. Konjac jelly sushi

If you enjoyed making one of these recipes, or if you came up with something creative on your own, show us what you made or tag us on social @pacpacsnacks. We love to see different creative ways to use konjac jelly.


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