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Vampire Jella Stickers

by Michael Rosenzweig 25 Oct 2023

Trick or Treat? How About Both!

Hey there, fellow Halloween enthusiasts! Are you ready to sink your fangs into a deal that's so good, it's scary? Well, hold onto your broomsticks because we have a treat for you! From now until October 31st, we're giving away free vampire Jella stickers with every purchase! That's right, folks, you can now show off your love for all things spooky while indulging in our delicious Konjac Chews.

Why Konjac Chews are the Perfect Halloween Snack

Picture this: it's Halloween night, and you're surrounded by a horde of adorable trick-or-treaters. You want to hand out something that will make their taste buds scream with delight, but without the guilt of loading them up with sugar. Enter our individually wrapped jellies! These chewy delights are not only devilishly delicious, but they also contain less sugar than those conventional candies that haunt the supermarket shelves.

Our Konjac Chews are made from the finest ingredients, carefully crafted to satisfy your cravings without compromising on taste. They come in a variety of flavors that will make your taste buds dance with joy. Whether you prefer mango, matcha or peach, we've got you covered.

Get Your Hands on Our Fang-tastic Freebies

Now, let's sink our teeth into the best part of this deal: the free vampire Jella stickers! These spooktacular stickers are the perfect way to show off your Halloween spirit. Stick 'em on your phone, laptop, or even your forehead (if you dare) and let the world know that you're a true Halloween aficionado.

Don't Miss Out on This Boo-tiful Deal!

So, what are you waiting for? Don't let this Halloween deal vanish into thin air like a ghostly apparition. Stock up on our Konjac Chews today. With every purchase, you'll receive a free vampire Jella sticker to add a touch of Halloween magic to your life. But hurry, this offer is only available until October 31st!

Remember, our Konjac Chews are the perfect guilt-free Halloween snack. So, go ahead and treat yourself (and those trick-or-treaters) to a chewy, delicious delight that will make this Halloween one to remember. Happy haunting!

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