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Shop Spotlight: Billie Gold Bubble Tea Lounge in Dayton, Ohio

by Michael Rosenzweig 24 Jul 2023

The Billie Gold Bubble Tea Lounge is a new business based out of Dayton, Ohio that is captivating customers new and old. Especially in this scorching weather, they are riding the trendy wave of fruity and tasty bubble tea. We recently had our questions answered by Nicole Cornett, owner of Billie Gold Bubble Tea, on her journey in selling boba fruit tea. What a refreshing story she had!


Could you describe the reason/inspiration behind starting this business?

Initially starting out with a food truck four and a half years ago, I realized there weren’t any boba shops in Dayton, Ohio at the time. I initially started out with a food truck four and a half years ago and just 3 months ago we moved into a storefront.


What were some things that motivated you to enter this industry?

As I have always loved drinking bubble tea, I couldn’t wait for a boba shop to open in my city. I have dreamt about opening one myself for more than 15 years– and finally, my manifestations transpired!


How long have you been in the food industry/bubble tea business?

The Billie Gold Bubble Tea Food Truck has been open for four and a half years and the storefront for 3 months.


What are some of the unique menu items that you are particularly proud of? What sets your store apart from others in the area? What about the decor? How have you set up your shop and what experience are you trying to create for customers?

Our top-selling drink, the 937 lemonade, is such a simple yet welcoming drink: blueberry lemonade with popping strawberry boba. What I love the most about this drink is that it isn’t intimidating and overwhelming. Most customers can agree as it has flavors that are familiar which allows them to feel comfortable ordering– perfect for people that are new to bubble tea. Just as a fun fact: 937 is Dayton’s area code– a special tribute to our city!


I wanted the lounge to be experimental and offer a sense of comfort when they walked in. My goal is for them to feel the same amount of love and soul I poured into the space to welcome them. Based on my past experiences at bubble tea stores, I did not encounter one that had a “vibe”-- usually there is an awkward atmosphere, which doesn’t align with the concept. Therefore, I make it my objective to create a space that physically portrays the entire experience one feels as they drink bubble tea. The enlightening experience should align with a place where they are welcome to stay, be creative, feel inspired, and simply be in awe.


What have been some of the major milestones along your journey?

Wow, I’ve had numerous…These days I have been learning how to be a boss, manage, day-to-day practices, scale and grow the business, and where to put my energy and efforts.


How do you actively connect with your local community and foster relationships with your customers?

The Billie Gold Bubble Tea Food Truck helped foster a stronger connection between me, my customers, and my local community. It has raised thousands of dollars for organizations as well as allowed me to connect with so many people all over the city who fell in love with bubble tea. It has all been such a lovely and inspiring experience.



We want to thank Nicole Cornett for sharing her story with us and taking the time to answer some of our questions. If you are ever in Dayton, Ohio be sure to stop by for a delicious beverage at Billie Gold Bubble Tea, and surely accompany it with a bag of Pac Pac Snacks Konjac Chews!

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