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Exciting News: Konjac Chews Now Available at KTA Super Stores in Hawaii

by Michael Rosenzweig 22 Dec 2023

Established in 1916, KTA Super Stores has been a staple in Hawaii, providing a wide variety of products and services to residents. With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and island values, they offer everything from fresh produce to bakery items and adult beverages.

The Growing Presence of Konjac Chews in Hawaii

Pac Pac Snacks is thrilled to announce that our delicious Konjac Chews are now available at KTA Super Stores! This partnership expands the accessibility of our tasty, nutritious snacks to even more health-conscious and snack loving consumers across Hawaii.

The Magic of Konjac

Konjac, a plant native to Japan, is known for its rich source of soluble dietary fiber and almost zero-calorie count. This unique herb has been consumed for centuries in Japan, providing numerous health benefits and now, we use it as the key ingredient in our tasty jelly snacks.

Locate Your Nearest KTA Super Store to Grab Some Konjac Chews

Whether you're a Hawaii local or just visiting, finding a nearby KTA Super Store to pick up your favorite Pac Pac Snacks' Konjac Chews is now easier than ever. With several convenient options, you can satisfy your cravings for these wholesome and delicious snacks in no time!

KTA Super Stores Location Finder

With seven locations across the island, you're never too far from a KTA Super Store. Use their store locator to find the nearest KTA Super Store and grab a bag of your favorite Konjac Chews today!

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