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After School Snacks: How Konjac Chews Can Keep You Satisfied And Energized

by Michael Rosenzweig 12 Sep 2023

After a long day at school or work (or both!), let's face it, everyone could use a little energy to get them going until dinner time. That's where our snacks come in handy, providing a small burst of energy and focus needed to tackle homework, sports, and other extracurricular activities. Our pocket-sized jelly treats are perfectly suited for this occasion because our innovative jelly snacks are made with Japanese konjac. This is a vegetable that we use as the base of our jellies. It has chewy texture, a low calorie profile and satiating fiber. We then apply delicious, refreshing flavors to the jelly and voila, a super tasty treat is born! Read on below to learn more about Konjac Chews, why these treats are great as a savvy afternoon pick-me-up treat and ways to incorporate Konjac Chews into your evening routine.

What are Konjac Chews?

Konjac Chews have their roots in the Konjac plant, which has been a staple in Asian cuisine for centuries. Konjac is known for its high fiber content and low-calorie count, making it an ideal ingredient for creating nutritious and satisfying snacks. Konjac Chews take full advantage of these benefits while also offering a fun and unique texture that kids and adults fall in love with.

One of the most exciting aspects of Konjac Chews is their jelly-like consistency, which satisfies the need for something chewy and keeps kids interested. This texture, combined with the nutritional benefits of the Konjac plant, makes these snacks a newly available choice for health-conscious parents and their children.

Speaking of health benefits, Konjac Chews are there to support you on your busy day. The amount of fiber in each serving of Konjac Chews depends on the product. Our Mango and Matcha flavors contain 0.6g of fiber per serving whereas our Peach & Chia Konjac Chews contain 1g of fiber per serving. Fiber aids in digestion and helps keep kids feeling full until dinner. According to UCSF Health's website, "A high-fiber diet appears to reduce the risk of developing various conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, diverticular disease, constipation and colon cancer. Fiber is important for the health of the digestive system and for lowering cholesterol." Many Americans do not get enough fiber in their diet. Our Konjac Chews are a delicious and simple way to add more fiber into you or your family's diet.

Additionally, these snacks are low in calories, gluten-free, and vegan, making them suitable for a wide range of dietary preferences. With all these benefits, it's easy to see why Konjac Chews are quickly becoming a popular choice for after school snacking.

Why Konjac Chews are perfect after school snacks

There are several reasons why Konjac Chews make the ideal after school snack for kids. First and foremost, their fiber content can help to keep kids satisfied until dinner, preventing overeating and promoting healthier eating habits. This is especially important during the busy after school period when kids need a quick and filling snack to recharge their energy levels.

Moreover, Konjac Chews come in a variety of delicious flavors, such as mango, matcha and peach. This allows the whole family to choose their favorite flavors and enjoy a tasty snack that's also nutritious. With so many options, there's sure to be a flavor that appeals to every person's taste buds.

Another advantage of Konjac Chews is their ingredients. Because we use konjac as our jelly base, these jellies are also low in calories, gluten-free, and vegan, making them an inclusive choice for families with diverse dietary needs.

Lastly, Konjac Chews are convenient and easy to pack. Each chew is individually wrapped, which means they can be easily thrown into backpacks, purses or lunchboxes without the need for refrigeration. This makes them a perfect on-the-go snack for any busy person to treat themselves during the day when energy levels are low.

In summary, Konjac Chews are an excellent after school snack choice due to their ability to keep you satisfied, the variety of delicious flavors available, the benefits they offer, and their convenience.

How to incorporate Konjac Chews into your kids' after school routine

Integrating Konjac Chews into your kids' daily routine is simple and fun. One easy way is to pack them in their backpacks for a quick snack after school. The individually wrapped chews make it easy for kids to grab and go, ensuring they have a healthy and satisfying snack option at their fingertips.

Another idea is to create a designated snack area at home with a variety of Konjac Chews. Having a dedicated space for these snacks helps kids know where to find them and encourages them to make healthier choices when they're hungry.

Konjac Chews can also be served alongside other healthy after school snacks to create a balanced and nutritious offering. For instance, you can make fruit skewers with Konjac Chews and fresh fruit or prepare a snack platter with a variety of Konjac Chews, nuts, and cheese. These combinations not only provide a visually appealing snack but also ensure your kids are getting a mix of essential nutrients.

Finally, don't be afraid to get creative with serving ideas. There are endless possibilities for incorporating Konjac Chews into your kids' snacks, so have fun experimenting with different combinations and presentation ideas.

Pac Pac Snacks: The FUN to eat snack for every generation

When it comes to delicious and nutritious snacks, Pac Pac Snacks is the brand that is bringing new, innovative products to market. We pride ourselves on offering carefully selected ingredients and deliciously refined flavors that appeal to both adults and children. Our commitment to providing a fun, approachable, and enjoyable snack experience is what sets us apart from the competition.

But don't just take our word for it—our customers have shared numerous positive reviews and testimonials that highlight their satisfaction with our products. These reviews showcase how much our customers love the taste, texture, and health benefits of our Konjac Chews, further solidifying Pac Pac Snacks as a go-to choice for after school snacks.

So, if you're looking for a fun and tasty snack that offers a range of health benefits, look no further than Pac Pac Snacks. Join the many satisfied customers who have discovered the joy of our delicious Konjac Chews, and treat your kids to a snack they'll love while also helping them maintain a busybody lifestyle.


In summary, Konjac Chews are an excellent after school snack option for kids. They offer numerous benefits, including keeping children satisfied until dinner, promoting healthy eating habits, and providing a fun and unique texture that kids love. Pac Pac Snacks is proud to offer these delicious and nutritious treats, ensuring that both parents and kids can enjoy a tasty and healthy snack experience.

We encourage parents to try our Konjac Chews for their kids and discover the many advantages they offer. To get started, simply visit the Pac Pac Snacks website and browse our selection of flavors. Once you've found the perfect option for your family, place an order, and get ready to enjoy the fun and excitement of our delicious Konjac Chews.

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